Christmas lights

So it’s Christmas time again and many of use like to see all the Christmas lights out brightening the place up during these dark months. I’ve taken a few pictures of some Christmas lights just up the road from me and have a few tips for you wanting to capture these lights.

Exposure –  Don’t have such a long exposure that you get a blur from the lights moving in the wind if there is much of a wind but keep the exposure long enough to get good saturation.

ISO setting  – Keep the ISO speed quite low to reduce but try and keep it around 400 and 1600

White balance – set your white balance for Tungsten

Aperture – Try to keep your aperture between f/4 and f/6.7

For the best shots use a tripod if you can although I didn’t for mine. You can see what settings I have used for my photos by clicking on them and scrolling underneath them.

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